It's not just for the Boys
Target Jobs  at Bloomberg London HQ  Nov 2012


Named one of the top 50 women in tech in Europe in 2015 I’m an award-winning computer scientist, radical thinker and passionate social entrepreneur. I have regular tech columns in both The Guardian and The Daily Mirror, the latter being a tech agony aunt column called “Ask Dr Black“.

My first book Saving Bletchley Park about the successful campaign that I started to save Bletchley Park is the fastest crowdfunded book EVER!


I am an entertaining, engaging and inspiring speaker, for more details please go to my speaker page, and to book me to speak at your event please email my agent Louise Fennimore at Noel Gay

Sue is a phenomenon: she brings to life social media and IT – Lucian J. Hudson, Director of Communications, The Open University

Screenshot 2015-05-06 11.02.42I am an Honorary Professor in the Department of Computer Science at University College London, an associate at DSRPTN an all female technology and digital consultancy, and a mentor at Google campus for mums. A champion for women in computing, I founded BCSWomen the UK’s first online network for women in tech, and #techmums, a social enterprise which empowers mums and their families through technology.

One of the most inspiring people I’ve met in a long time – Lynette Webb, Senior Manager, External Relations at Google

I am well known for my successful online and offline campaigning and activism around digital social inclusion and Saving Bletchley Park. I am a frequent public speaker, a social media-holic, mum of four and grandmother of one.

I tell my compelling life story with great enthusiasm and humour and am a safe pair of hands for hosting and chairing events, facilitating workshops and round tables, I love getting the best out of people in an engaging, warm and friendly style. I speak regularly at all types of events all over the world from the United Nations to Shoreditch. To  book me to speak at your event please get in touch with my agent Louise Fennimore at Noel Gay

Screenshot 2015-05-06 11.45.27

With 20+ years experience in academia I am also an accomplished academic manager and research centre director with more than 40 publications and a PhD in software engineering.

Alongside my academic career I have spent the last 20 years campaigning for more recognition and support for women in computing. After the runaway success of the London BCSWomen network that I set up in 1998 I set up BCSWomen in 2001. After my first trip to Bletchley Park representing BCSWomen in 2003 I got funding for the Women of Station X project highlighting the women’s contribution there during WW2.

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 00.43.59

BCSWomen is still going strong, chaired by the wonderful Gillian Arnold and has just produced a great campaign and book Women in IT: inspiring the next generation.


To book me to speak at your event please email my agent Louise Fennimore at Noel Gay

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